AllPoly Feeder

The AllPoly Feeder is our revolutionary cattle feed shelter designed to protect lick supplement from wet weather conditions and never rust.

Easy to assemble with two complete poly parts, roof and base, that cleverly fit together with four poly pins, there’s no need for bolts. Just pop the pins in and twist to lock. No stress, no sweat, and no rust!

Rainwater from the roof flows down the hollow legs of the feeder to the feet and is dispersed away from the unit.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily allows several large cattle to fit under the roof and feed from the unit.
  • Accommodates a 330L, 450L or a 550L trough which ‘locks’ into place within the unit, keeping the trough and feed secure from bullying livestock.
  • Easy to fill; just release two pins and use the built-in handle to tilt the roof to fill with a bag lifter, hopper or manually from a ute.
  • Has a flat roof for stacking of up to nine units for easy transport.
  • Once at the station, it can be easily positioned with a ute or a forklift.
  • Strong and durable, but light to lift and move effortlessly by one person.
  • Cleaning the trough is simple; just tilt and roll out, clean and roll back under into the holding cavity.
  • Suitable for any ground and may be tied to a ute or buggy and easily pulled along to more stable ground if required.

 Patent Application No. 202321224

Length: 2,664mm
Width: 2,350mm
Height: 1,685mm