BulkEzy enables bulk-filling of liquid feed directly in the paddock.

Bulk liquid feed made easy!

Features and Benefits

  • Cheaper to buy than equivalent number of small troughs
  • No on-farm storage facility required
  • Bulk-fill direct in paddock and take the hard work out of feeding
  • Floating centre barrier advantage
  • Individual feed ports means less bullying
  • Cleaner cattle and less mess
  • Easily relocatable
  • Capacity of 2,300L (500 Gallons)

BulkEzy (Top Only)

Diameter: 2,250mm
Height: 1,030mm

Compatible with FeedSmart 2300

FeedSmart 2300

2,300 Litres
(500 Gallons)

Diameter: 2,500mm
Height: 600mm