The EzyLicker is a floating, single piece disc designed to control liquid feed consumption by slowing down livestock feed-rate.

Trials have shown stock feeding rate is reduced by up to 60 percent with EzyLicker. The disc floats on the liquid feed and moves down into the trough as the feed is consumed.

The EzyLicker protects the feed from contamination by drowning birds, dirt and dust. The disc is held off the bottom of the trough by the nesting lugs. This ensures easier removal of the disc and slower consumption of the residual feed.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for first introducing cattle to molasses
  • Ensures a steady intake which prevents money going to waste from over-eating
  • Licking through the holes prevents cattle drinking the supplement
  • Reduces contamination from birds and dust
  • Simple design with no moving parts to clog or break
  • Cattle stay clean with no mess around the trough
  • Easy to fill, simply pour on top
  • Sold separately
  • Fits existing troughs with a suitable diameter

EzyLicker1060 RGB

Fits in FeedSmart 380, 450 and 600

Disc Width: 1,060mm
Hole Size: 100mm

EzyLicker 1340 RGB

Fits in round FeedSmart 750

Disc Width: 1,340mm
Hole Size: 100mm