Gough Plastics Business Capability Statement

Gough Plastics Business Capability Statement

1. Contact Details

Firm Name: Gough Plastics
Street Address: 833 Ingham Road, Townsville, Queensland, 4818


Main Contacts

Domestic Sales: David Crips
Environmental Sales: Mirko Dal Mina
Engineering Sales: Robert Eagles
Rural Sales: Thomas Gough

Phone: (07) 4758 6400
Email: sales@gough.com.au
Website: www.gough.au
Postal Address: PO Box 7570, Garbutt BC, Qld 4814
Year Established: 1989
ABN: 96332426475

2. Capability Information

Main Business Activities and Industries Served

We research, design and manufacture rotationally moulded, injection moulded and 3D printed plastic products. We serve the following industries; Mining, Milling, Defence, Farming, National Parks, Household, Vehicle and Councils.


Products and Services

Our approach is to work with our clients to provide solutions to known problems and to also find ways to improve current methods.

As well as custom moulding and fabricating customer products, our proprietary product range includes; rainwater tanks, storage boxes, undertray water tanks and tool boxes, conveyor belt covers, side guards and trays, water tankers, cartage/transporter tanks, dosing stations, parts bins, storage cubes, hoppers, bunds, pallets, buoys, cane harvester extractor hoods and liners, feed troughs and water troughs.



Our range of equipment includes; 2 x 3D Printers, AutoCad and Solidworks, RS38 Reinhardt Rotational Moulding Oven, Wegener Bender, Ingenia Butt Welder, Advanced Robotic Tech CNC Router.


Key People in Our Organisation

Factory Manager: Simon Gough
Sales Manager: Ian Gough

Specialised Capabilities

We have state of the art software in AutoCad and Solidworks and machinery such as our 3D Printers, CNC Router and Rotomoulding Oven to be able to rapidly supply prototypes and final products.

Our staff hold certifications in Industrial Design, Engineering, Commerce, Plastic Fabrication, Rotational Moulding and Boilermaking.

We hold licences to AS1546.1 with SAI Global.

We currently export round the world on a regular basis out of our Townsville plant.


Training and Skills

As well as holding the above university and trade qualifications, our team have decades of hands on experience in assisting our customers to help solve their problems.



We have completed some of the largest projects in Australasia in our industry; two examples being the recent Roy Hill Mine conveyor and the Flybuys signage.

We can produce parts as small as thimbles and up to 10,000 litre tanks. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as required. We prefer jobs above the $1,000 value mark, but can also do $10 jobs.

We are based at our factory in Townsville, where we make products that go round the world, and have a service crew that travel to sites in the North Queensland area.

3. Track Record

We have a proven track record of delivering products on time and on budget, supplying mission critical areas such as the Department of Defence.

4. Management Systems

We have a comprehensive Safety Management System, Quality Management System and maintain comprehensive insurances.

5. Customer Service and Market Response

We are continuously looking for ways to improve our customer service, products and processes, working with the likes of QMI Solutions on Lean Manufacturing, Stage Gates etc.

6. Working with Industry and Others

We are members of the Association of Rotational Moulders, Chamber of Commerce and are regular contributors to multiple organisations, with our charity of choice being the Royal Flying Doctor Service.