2.4m Rectangular MegaTrough

The freight-friendly trough.

Long, short, wide or round, there’s a Gough Plastics MegaTrough just right for your paddock!

Features and Benefits

  • Transports in two pallet spaces, i.e. height for four stacked = 2.6m
  • Easily transported on the back of a ute or small truck
  • Light-weight to transport and install by yourself
  • Easy to empty and relocate if required
  • Nesting lugs
  • Unique water ballast system within the hollow cavity makes it ideal for permanent installations
  • Cattle can’t move the trough when full
  • Heavy-duty ribbed design provides added strength
  • Recessed fittings and floatcover position allow access from every angle
  • All troughs are made from UV-protected polyethylene
  • The grey colour helps keep the water cooler

Registered Design No. 201510875

2.4m MegaTrough

Length: 2,400mm
Width: 1,200mm
Height: 600mm

Dry weight = 100kg
Ballast weight = 300kg
Drinkable water = 1,000L