Our Profile

Our Profile

Our Company Intent

Gough Plastics – Caring for people and the planet with a passion.

This statement grew from the identified core company values. These values centre strongly on a balance between family and work and caring for the environment.

The family focus is rooted in the fact that the company is a family-owned business. This value extends to a strong caring and respect for employees and their family needs.

Our concern for the environment translates into action in the form of our products and materials. Our key product development focus is the safe storage, treatment and use of water – one of the world’s most precious resources.

Through our product development selection process, we positively screen for products showing environmental benefit. Our range of products express this value strongly:

  • Hybrid Toilet System – Our award-winning, environmentally-friendly toilet system.
  • Dump-Ezy – The convenient receptacle and separator for chemically dosed portapotty waste.
  • Gough Tanks – Safe, secure storage of water and other liquids.

When looking at the whole-of-life cost of our products, a key environmental bonus is also the recycleability of much of the polyethylene raw material we use for manufacture.

We wish to state not only what we care about but also how we go about our work. We are not about having a feel-good aim without the action. Instead we strive for our goals with passion.

Our History

Gough Plastics is a family-owned company based in Townsville, North Queensland. The company is a research, design and manufacturing unit specialising in new products from conception through to point of sale.

The company is built on a strong family base which gives both flexibility in operation and security of existence. It is this family unit which will continue to steer the company into future growth and expansion. Gough Plastics has already put into place plans which will see the company expand in both local and overseas markets.

Gough Plastics is a Rotational Moulding company with Global and Australasian expertise in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industries. The company has been operating from its Townsville base since 1989 and has successfully completed projects in Brazil, Germany, Papua New-Guinea and throughout Australia. The company takes great pride in its achievements in all fields, especially those which have a bearing on Health and Environmental matters.

Our Approach

The professional team working at Gough Plastics has grown with the company into a dedicated group of professionals with a proven track record in the research, design and manufacture of specialised plastic products. This team is aware at all times of the requirements of the client and the need to produce products that will be serviceable, meet the demands of the end user and fit in with the cultural and environmental situation in which they will eventually be used.

This team marries together the technical, administrative and financial skills at its disposal to offer an innovative approach to its clients. This team has proven its ability to interact with the client on all levels. It is this approach that has seen the company grow from strength to strength.

Our Background

The name Gough is a name that has been associated closely with improving products and conditions under which people work and live with for many years. This is especially so in the Sugar Industry. This association started during the Second World War when Herbert Gough spent much of his time helping the Italian migrant farmers in the Lannercost area of the Herbert River Valley, Queensland, to remain viable during the times of internment.

These times were full of inventiveness and ingenuity and they carried through to the sons of these men as was to be proven in the resourceful and inventive mind of the founder of Gough Plastics. During his time as a farmer, Peter Gough was responsible for developing a cane planting system which was to become the accepted norm in the Sugar Industry world wide.

It has been this sort of resourcefulness and willingness to succeed and overcome challenges that has seen a family company grow into a dedicated team of professionals, striving for excellence under the banner of Gough Plastics.