Revolutionary low-cost, light-weight, polyethylene conveyor belt cover.

Features and Benefits

    • Easy access to the belt
    • Easily assembled
    • Reduces pollution
    • Weather-resistant
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Long lasting
    • Cost-effective


Better do the right thing!

Beltcover, Gough Plastics’ unique conveyor belt cover system, not only keeps your material in and the weather out, it saves you time and money. With occupational health and safety regulations in effect in various locations around Australia, it is essential for industries to cover their loads. So we invite you to come undercover for a better look at Beltcover.


Better made

Beltcover is the first product of its kind to be built solely for the purpose of covering conveyor belts. The moulded sections are made from polyethylene that is tough, durable and extremely long lasting. It has qualities that are far superior to corrugated iron and other alternatives that have been tried over the years. Beltcover is cost-effective, especially in the long run. Once installed, downtime for servicing is minimized due to its easy access features.

There are two styles of Beltcover to choose from, depending on your needs:

  1. An all-weather ‘roof’
  2. An on-belt containment

Side Covers for wind protection and Spill Trays for preventing dangerous roll-back spill are available in varying sizes on request.


Better for you

Beltcover is the perfect cover for any application where stringent environmental regulations for noise, corrosion and dust control are in effect.

  • The on-belt version promotes a cleaner, healthier environment by containing dust and fibres and reducing air pollution.
  • The all-weather roof protects your product from the elements and protects the belt from UV degradation.
  • Exposure to potentially harmful dust and fibres in the air is greatly reduced.
  • Reduces noise pollution.


Better fit

Beltcover’s modular design offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to fitting and maintenance. The modular sections have an effective length of 2m or 1.77m, with a model to suit the required belt or stringer width. Upgrades to the range include 500mm bracket spacings to make fabrication and installation much easier. The light-weight sections are easily maneuverable for convenient installation. Individual sections can also be cut to shorter lengths.

The covers can be easily retrofitted to your existing conveyor but the best option is to design them in from the start. For special applications, Beltcover can be custom-made to whatever specifications you require. Plastic Fabrication is also available.


Easy access

  • Beltcovers for belts in the 600-750mm range are only 25kg with our largest Beltcover for a belt size of 1800mm-2000mm weighing only 70kg, so they are easily opened by one or two people.
  • A moulded, hinged system allows for easy installation and removal for maintenance. No more cranes or strains.
  • Access to the belt is an easy, one-person, ‘flip-top’ operation from the side.


Made to fit your schedule

As a rough guide, approximately 100m per day can be fitted with ground level access. Covers are delivered on site pallatized for ease of unloading and postitioning until ready to install.


Better design

Beltcover is designed to withstand the harshest environments.

  • Engineered to withstand wind load forces in accordance with AS1170.2 Severe Tropical Cyclones in Regions C and D, Terrain Category 1 (fully exposed terrain: at sea edge) up to a height of 30m above ground.
  • UV8 ASTM 2565.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Installation design assistance available. DXF or DWG files provided on request.


Better looking

  • There is a choice of colours for architectural or environmental reasons.
  • Your company logo may be moulded onto the cover during manufacture for clear and permanent display.
  • Smooth, clean lines.


Better show me the proof!

Darwin Port Authority

The Darwin Port Authority have installed 4123m of medium, all-weather Beltcover at wharf loading facilities in the Darwin Harbour. The system carries a number of products such as lead, zinc and copper concentrate. All covers were fitted in situ to the existing system.

Beltcover has been introduced to their system to help provide protection to the surrounding environment and to protect the products being conveyed from the extreme external elements in this part of Australia.

Incitec Gibson Island Plant, Brisbane

The Beltcover at Incitec is medium black to suit a 750mm wide system carrying fertiliser to the ship loading facility on site. The initial set up of units installed measured 120m in length, with another 100m installed since.

Incitec have installed the new polyethylene Beltcover which protects their product range from the outside elements during transportation. No more corrosion problems and easy accessibility for maintenance.


Once our customers use Beltcover, they keep buying more!

Ask us about Overlander Covers – unique design, simple installation and very cost effective.