Animal Transport Units

What do crocodiles, cassowaries and reef fish have in common?
Answer: Gough Plastics!

We have built these animal transport units to move crocodiles, cassowaries and fish around the country.

Features and Benefits

  • Features and benefits


If you have a need to transport animals down the road or across the planet, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team.

Crocodile Transport Unit

The Crocodile Transport Units are easily disassembled and re-assembled, allowing them to be made larger or smaller depending on the size of the crocodile. If you have a ??? metre long crocodile, the transport unit has to be VERY tough!

(Photo courtesy of Kathleen Calderwood, ABC News)

Cassowary Transport Unit

The Cassowary Transport Units are part of a complete ambulance set-up, designed to transport these endangered birds with the greatest care possible.

Reef Fish Boxes

The Reef Fish Boxes are made for a customer in North Queensland who requires a range of sizes to ship fish all over the world, from little 100L units to MASSIVE 4,000L units.

(Photo courtesy of Cairns Marine)