Diesel Cartage Tanks

We have an extensive range of cartage tanks available for water, chemical, molasses and diesel, from 400L to 5,000L.

Our highly skilled team can customise a cartage tank unit to suit your needs. No job is too big or too small.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for storage and transport of water, chemicals, molasses and diesel
  • A range of fittings can be welded-in to suit your requirements
  • Optional removable strainer basket
  • Skids available on all sizes
  • 400L Cartage Tank has 240mm lid, 1”/24mm BSP outlet
  • 640L and 1,000L Cartage Tanks have 255mm lid, 2”/50mm BSP outlet
  • 3,000L, 3,000L with sump and 5,000L Cartage Tanks have 455mm hinged lid, 2”/50mm BSP outlet and graduated litreage graphics

640L Cartage Tank

Length: 1,220mm
Width: 1,160mm
Height: 735mm

1,000L Cartage Tank

Length: 1,599mm
Width: 1,200mm
Height: 1,014mm

1,500L Tank

2,000L Cartage Tank

Length: 2,100mm
Width: 1,400mm
Height: 1,163mm

3,000L Cartage Tank

Length: 2,400mm
Width: 1,570mm
Height: 1,388mm

5,000L Cartage Tank

Length: 2,400mm
Width: 2,050mm
Height: 1,728mm