Round MegaTrough

Heavy-duty 1,000L stock water trough.

Built like a brick outhouse only a lot easier to relocate and clean!

Features and Benefits

  • Allowing 2ft per beast, approximately 10 head will fit around this trough
  • Easily transported on the back of a ute or small truck
  • Light-weight to transport and install by yourself
  • Stackable for easy transport
  • No tractor required
  • Keeps all the fittings safely tucked away from potential damage
  • Unique water ballast system makes the trough heavy once in place and filled with water
  • Cattle can’t move the trough when full
  • Heavy-duty ribbed design to handle being knocked around
  • The grey colour helps keep the water cooler
  • 2″ brass inlet socket and 2 1/2″ brass drain and bung
  • Floor slopes to large sunken drain

Registered Design No. 201214377

Round MegaTrough

Diameter: 1,940mm
Height: 600mm

100kg dry weight
300kg ballast weight
1,000L drinkable water